Moose Goose

Moose Goose - Mobile Game

A mad scientist traps a Moose in an attempt to mutate it into a Goose, against its wishes! Help the mutated Moose Goose escape the lab while avoiding the cunning and challenging traps that the scientist has planted along the way.

More About the Production:

The game was built in 2 weeks, and was a bit learning experience for the company to explore more efficient ways to add all the social aspects to apps. From this app, I developed a tool that was used in many of our other apps, an incredibly simple all-in-one social integration tool that automatically adds Facebook, Google Play, Game Centre, Twitter and Admob, with all the XCode linking done without any back code work. You can read more about it here:

More About the Development:

The first thing I code was a simple example of the gameplay, I coded the physics and death systems and confirmed them with the designers. After we were happy with that I moved into developing a level design system that the artists could make, that allowed them to fully develop all the levels without too much code support. It was essentially a system that allowed them to create a collection of pieces for a segment, such as obstacles and background / foreground art and pull from a pool of assets and change the textures for optimal usage. It did a similar system for particles.