Client: Gamesoft
Clockwork is a time based puzzle game with an incredibly immersive art style. It tells the story of Atto who's pocketwatch awakens to help him save the world.

Ninja Vs Zombies

Client: Appsquare
Ninja Vs Zombies Is a client game where you need to swipe off the invading zombies with your Ninja stars, should be released soon.

Zaltrap Kinect Game

Client: Zaltrap
Zaltrap was a fun Kinect game that helped teach their clients about how their medical product works in a fun, immersive way.

Moose Goose

Client: Appsquare
Moose Goose is an instantly fun endless runner with multiple game types and a unique artstyle, the game took 2 weeks to produce


Client: Sam Lawrence
Frinkle is a quick-play game has a very addictive feel to it. The game has multiple environments with a very interesting art style

Blinky Bill

Client: Quest End Games
The Blink Bill App was made to support the new Blinky Bill movie. It uses augmented reality to let you take photos with the cast

Whizz App

Client: Whizz Technologies
The Whizz app helps you book cleaners for your house with little to no effort. It takes all the best parts from the Uber app to provide simple and incredibly fast service.

Rumble Academy

Client: Big Paw Games
Rumble Academy is a 4 player brawler that pulls elements from Super Smash Brothers and Power Stone providing a very blood-pumping experience.

Shut It

Client: Mosoga
Shut it is an interesting game that plays in a semi-haunted kitchen, your job is to shut the draws and doors and get the highest score possible!